It was in the late 90’s that I saw a small bevel edge on a guitar made by Grit Laskin, who I believe was the originator of anything to do with a bevel edge on a guitar.
It was some years later that I visited the shop of Kevin Ryan in California, and there I saw Kevin’s interpretation of Grit Laskin’s bevel edge.
As I was spending a few days with Kevin I had the opportunity to play one of his bevel edge guitars, and I was left with no doubt that it was the way forward for guitars.
As a guitar player myself the comfortability that the bevel edge offered was astonishing.
I returned to South Africa, and together with my two apprentices set about re-designing the bevel edge to encompass a far greater area on the top edge of the guitar. This was in line with my European heritage design influences. Some months later I went on to add a bevel edge at the back of the instrument, where the guitar tucks in under the breastbone.
To date this design of mine has been copied by many.
I feel good about this, in that it has put it into the hands of players a new level of comfortability that did not exist pre 1995.
Thank you Grit and Kevin for the heads up!