The most important factor in protecting a solid wood acoustic guitar is to understand the effect of humidity and temperature.

All Maingard guitars are constructed in an environment of 43% to 47% relative humidity.

In general the environment that we as humans find most comfortable to live in is the best for solid wood instruments. I recommend that you purchase a digital hygrometer and familiarise yourself with its use (Radio Shack is a good source). A hygrometer measures “relative humidity” or RH, which is the amount of moisture (water)in the air. As the temperature of the air rises so does it’s ability to hold moisture (water).

RH below 40% is the fastest way to crack and damage your guitar.

If your guitar is kept in an area below 43% RH or above 70% RH you need to stabilise the environment around the instrument.

  1. If low RH. – Use a “dampit” or other moisturizing device in the sound hole and case.
  2. If high RH, Use a de-humidifier close to the instrument.


Please contact me for the name of the repair person appointed in your country.