Handmade Custom Instruments

Marc Maingard is rare in that he is a true Luthier, having the mastery to build multiple types of stringed instruments. From the well-known steel-string guitars for which he has become world renowned, to the monochords he has made for his healing sound journeys, and many more. Here you will find an astonishing library of Marc’s masterworks.

Steel String Guitars

Maingard OM Guitars

Grand Concert Guitars

Dreadnought Guitars

Orchestra Model (OM) Guitars

OOO Guitars

Lucas York Guitars

Parlour Guitar

12 String Guitars

Bass Guitars

Jazz Guitars

Electric Guitars

Nylon String Guitars

Classic Concert

Classic 10 String

Earl Klugh Crossover

Classica Romantica


Other Stringed Instruments



Double Neck Guitars