It was right in the beginning, when I returned from studying with Santa Cruz Guitars in 1985, that I realised I need to have some form of signature to separate my guitars from others. After a lot of thinking I decided to make my headstock the signature feature for my guitars.

This may sound like a simple thing to do. I looked at square, tapered, diamond and rounded shapes and settled on the tapered headstock as it felt to me like an extension of the guitar body almost like a spear in flight.

As there were already a few tapered headstocks in the marketplace I started to experiment with changing the end of the point. Using a chisel I started to modify the headstock and quite by accident a large chunk of wood broke off literally in the shape of the head as it is today.

img-2I added a small oval cut out, gave thanks to the universe for getting involved, and that has been my signature to this day.

To add to this I also incorporated using a wax seal of my family crest on my labels, and of course my unique heel caps.