2017 Maingard OM

Our 2017 Maingard OM is nearly new with nary a scratch, but already the voice has a smooth, enveloping voice that you usually only find in older, opened up guitars. Marc fit this one with a striking set of Brazilian Rosewood plucked as the pick of his dwindling supply of primo-grade Braz. That’s paired with one of the finest Italian Spruce tops Marc had, and a Venetian Cutaway, added both his arm and rib bevels to the mix, and capped it all with a 12-fret neck. Moving the bridge further down the top helps activate it for that extra oomph of richness and projection, and the standard 25.4” long scale board keeps the bass crisp and responsive.

We found this Maingard to respond handsomely to a fingerstyle approach, especially in dropped tunings, and the setup is easy on the hands but buzz free. If you let the trebles ring out, you’ll pick up a second wave of overtones that rise up once the initial attack decays—an asset when you want slower pieces to hang in the air. With a guitar like this, it’s easy to lose track of time.

The dimensions are below.

Lowerbout – 15.375 in
Upperbout – 11.25 in